Car Servicing

Car Servicing at ATS Euromaster. Prices start from as little as £79.99*

Book your car service online today and choose from over 200 centres nationwide, with hourly appointment slots available at a time to suit you. All service options from ATS Euromaster include quality, manufacturer approved parts and the correct grade of oil for your vehicle.
What Servicing Options do ATS Euromaster Offer?

At ATS Euromaster we offer two servicing options: Standard and Comprehensive.

Standard Services comprise of a 50 point vehicle check, including a full tyre and brake inspection. We advise a Standard Service for those who undertake short journeys or as a top up in between services for those who have a high mileage.

A Comprehensive Service includes a 55 point vehicle check plus a full brakes and tyres inspection. A service of this level should be untaken every 12-24 months or every 20,000 (if this comes sooner).

Car Maintenance Servicing from £79.99*. The price stated is based on a standard service for a 1.4 Vauxhall Astra (petrol engine) 2004.

Car maintenance servicing from:

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