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When Do I Need An Engine Diagnostics Check?

If you see warning lights illuminated on your dashboard, you may require an engine diagnostics check to help identify potential problems with your vehicle.
As technology advances, modern vehicles are increasingly becoming a ‘computer on wheels’, and therefore advanced vehicles require advanced diagnostic technology.

At ATS Euromaster, our expert technicians perform engine diagnostic checks using the Bosch KTS200 machine to learn more about why the vehicle is not functioning correctly for as little as £36.99. You don’t need to pay dealer prices.

What Is An Engine Diagnostic Check?

The engine diagnostic check tests the vehicle’s engine control computer (ECU) to scan all of the different systems to provide a list of any problems and error codes.

What Does An Engine Diagnostic Check?

The Bosch KTS200 machine scans various areas such as the engine, brakes, airbags and alarms, including:

Reads and erases the vehicle error memory. In the case that a fault light is displayed on the dashboard, the diagnostics machine can read it and turn it off once the fault has been fixed.
Reads live data from the vehicle. A list of values from around the engine can be displayed side by side to ensure that all components are working correctly and giving the correct values.
Actuator tests. Certain components can be activated to make sure they are working correctly and getting signals from the ECU.
Reprogramming of components to correct faults.
Resetting of service lights. Once a service has been carried out, the car needs to be informed so that the service warning light can be reset.
Winding back brake callipers. Some cars with electronic handbrakes need to put into service mode to change the rear brake pads.

What Are The Benefits Of Engine Diagnostic Checks?

Not all vehicles display fault lights when something goes wrong, an engine diagnostics scan may give early indication of a problem which could save you money in the future.

Engine Diagnostic Service available at selected Service Centres.

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