Tyre Hotel Storage Service

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Tyre Hotel Storage Service


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If you getting new tyres fitted to your vehicle this winter, why not store your summer tyres in our Tyre Hotel storage service?

We will store your seasonal tyres within our centre network giving you a fast, convenient and secure way to store your tyres. Alleviate your worry of where to keep your summer tyres during the winter months. Then, in the summer when you swap them back, we can store your winter tyres.

Take advantage of the Tyre Hotel from just £7.50 per tyre per season.

All you have to do is:

Purchase or re-fit the new seasons tyres from ATS Euromaster and ask us to keep the off-season tyres
We securely label and store your tyres
When the season changes and you need your stored tyres, phone us to book an appointment for re-fitting and then bring in your receipt and we’ll swap your tyres over for you*

*Tyre change is subject to a tyre fitting charge.

Select your vehicle make from the drop down list e.g. Audi, Ford
Select your car model from the drop down list e.g. A3, FOCUS
Select your engine size from the drop down list e.g. 1.9D, 1.6
Select year of registration
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Select your preferred tyre brand to narrow your search further
Select the section width of your tyre. This is the nominal width of the tyre's cross-section in millimetres and can be found on the tyre wall e.g. 205 
Select the aspect ration of your tyre. This is the ratio of the side wall height to the cross section width and can be found on the tyre wall after the section width e.g. 55
Select the rim diameter of your tyre. This is the diamater (in inches) of the wheel that the tyre is designed to fit and can be found on the tyre side wall after the aspect ratio e.g. 15

Select the speed rating for your tyre. This is a letter which indicates the speed at which the tyre can carry the load corresponding to the load index. This can be found on the tyre side wall e.g. V

Select the load index for your tyre. This number shows the maximum weight the tyre can carry at the speed indicated by its speed rating symbol. The load index can be found on the tyre side wall next to the speed rating e.g. 88