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With the costs of motoring increasingly becoming something to consider, buying cheap tyres online doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice safety or peace of mind.

ATS Euromaster stock a wide range of premium tyres at fantastic prices on Michelin, Continental, Dunlop, Goodyear, Pirelli and Bridgestone tyres.

Our prices and range online offer great choice and value. All tyre prices are fully fitted so include fitting, valve, balance and disposal of old tyres.

Premium tyres go the extra mile to ensure that your car handles and performs the best it can. Think it might be time to change your tyres? You can get a FREE Tyre Safety Check at any ATS Euromaster Service Centre.

Why Choose Premium Tyres?

When selecting new tyres, you can be sure that premium car tyres would be a great option.

Premium car tyre brands often test the tyres in the most stringent conditions and integrate the best technology, engineering and material to develop tyres to provide the best driving experience and performance.

Premium car tyres are produced from high grade material to ensure that they are more resistant to wear and tear to last longer and provide optimum safety.

In addition to the material and tyre testing, premium tyres often provide improved wet grip, fuel efficiency and lower noise levels when compared to cheaper tyres.

What Driving Style Best Suits Premium Tyres?

If you have a high annual mileage, travel on motorways or at high speed regularly, then premium tyres are for you.

These tyres are designed for demanding driving styles and are better at withstanding rougher terrain. Most importantly, they are designed to make safety paramount. Your tyres are the only thing between your car and the road, if you need to make an emergency stop or manoeuvre quickly then they are ideal for gripping the roads surface.

If you want your tyres to withstand varying weather conditions and have the best performance, then premium tyres are the best choice.

Which Ranges Are From Premium Tyre Brands?

At ATS Euromaster, we offer a great range of premium tyres at great prices.

Energy Saver offers fuel efficiency, low rolling resistance, excellent grip and reduced braking distances.
Primacy HP is known for its long tread life, low noise pollution, short braking distances and fuel economy.
Pilot Sport 3 is designed for sport, enabling precise steering and excellent grip on slippery surfaces.

EcoContact for maximum fuel efficiency.
Premium Contact ensures optimal handling and grip in the wet and dry for luxury cars. Sport Contact reduces rolling resistance and fuel consumption in SUVs.

SportMaxx uses a unique compound to mould the tyre to the road surface and maximise grip even at high speeds.
Sport Fast Response is designed for dynamic driving and offer fantastic grip in the wet and dry.
SP Sport 01 offers responsive braking power in the wet and dry for luxury and mid-range vehicles.


Efficient Grip is designed for economical and energy saving driving during your day to day.
Eagle F1 delivers excellent cornering in for high performance vehicles.
Duragrip has excellent handling and cornering capabilities for city and family cars.


P Zero delivers precise cornering in both the wet and dry even at high speeds.
Cinturato P7 is designed for a long tread life and improved fuel economy.
P Zero Rosso offers excellent handling and cornering capabilities as well as safety in both wet and dry conditions.
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