About us

    Established in 1965, ATS Euromaster is the largest comprehensive tyre service provider within the UK covering all types of vehicle from cars, vans and 4x4s to forklifts, trucks and agricultural vehicles. ATS Euromaster has an extensive network of Service Centres and employs more than 3,500 people, providing national coverage throughout the UK.

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    Key facts about the Euromaster group
  2. • Approximately 10 million car and van tyres and more than 2 million truck tyres are sold every year
  3. • Over 37,000 tyres are fitted each day
  4. • More than 2800 mobile service vehicles ensure the mobility of our customers
  5. • Euromaster is the No1 service provider for Truck, Car and Van fleets across Europe
  6. • Through our fleet management programme, we inspect over 300,000 truck tyres every month
  7. • Through the European Breakdown Service (EIBS) support is provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week and for 365 days a year

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    Your health and safety
  9. Safety starts within our network of Service Centres and with our employees. With a full health and safety program in place, we believe ATS Euromaster is the safest tyre and fast fit organisation in the UK. Significant and ongoing investment in health and safety programmes including policies, procedures, training, tools and equipment, make ATS Euromaster a safe choice.

    To ensure that our standards remain exceptionally high, we continually invest into a comprehensive training programme which ensures:
  10. • that our technicians are trained to work to ATS Euromaster's strict safe working procedures endoresed by City & Guilds
  11. • adherence to Health and Safety guidelines whether on site, at the roadside or at an ATS Euromaster Service Centre
  12. • that all Service Centres and mobile vehicles are provided with necessary tools and safety equipment to complete work on all types of vehicle

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    ATS Euromaster and the environment
  14. Storage, collection, elimination or recycling solutions have been implemented with the participation of registered professional collectors and in accordance with current regulations.
  15. • ATS Euromaster keeps worn tyres in specific storage locations. A collector takes responsibility for gathering, storing and transporting them to treatment centres. A worn tyre can be retreaded, burnt as fuel in cement factories or shredded to crumbs to be used in surfaces for sports grounds, play areas or in roads.
  16. • ATS Euromaster also proposes “green“ services which make good use of natural resources and these are:
  17. • Retreading: each retreaded tyre is a re-used tyre. Retreading saves natural resources. The amount of rubber needed to make the retread is only equivalent to 20 – 30% of that required to produce a new tyre and a large amount of the original materials are re-used.
  18. • Regrooving this process increases the tyres potential life by 25%. In addition to this, the regrooved tyre uses less fuel, reducing CO2 emissions.
  19. • Tyre Pressures: by checking and adjusting tyre pressures, tyre life and fuel economy can be improved.



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