Spring Vehicle Inspection

Don't worry if it's been a while since your last vehicle inspection. Book your car in for our Spring Vehicle Inspexction today and we'll make sure it's in ship-shape condition. Our experienced team of technicians will take care of you and your car with straightforward, honest advice.

As an added extra we’ll give you a litre of Shell oil, which will be used to top your engine up, if necessary. Any unused oil, you’ll be able to take away with you. All this for only £20.

Our 20-point inspection will look at your vehicle’s:

Tyres – the condition, pressures and tread depth
Air-Con performance
Brakes – front and rear (visual inspection only)
Lights (excludes headlight aim)
Dashboard warning lights
Radiator and fan (for leaks or cutting out)
Oil level
Other Fluid levels – clutch, power steering, brakes and washer bottles – and top-up, if required
Antifreeze strength and level check
Drive belts
Plus 1 litre of Shell oil

Book your Spring Vehicle Inspection online at a time and date to suit you.

Terms & Conditions

1. The ATS Euromaster Inspection and Top Ups offer is available to Retail and B2B customers only between 1st June 2014 and 31st Julyl 2015 (inclusive).

2. The Inspection and Top Ups must be carried out at an ATS Euromaster Service Centre and consists of a 20 point check as set out on the ATS Euromaster Inspection and Top ups Form – details are available at the Service Centre. Any other work, including work identified by the Inspection, e.g. tyre replacement and repairs, will be chargeable in accordance with ATS’s Retail Price List.

3. The coolant fluid level and anti-freeze strength will be checked and recorded. If either are below the recommended levels we will advise you. A top-up will not be carried out. An anti-freeze drain and refill service can be provided at a separate charge.

4. This offer is only available for cars, 4x4s and vans only.

5. This offer includes 1 litre of Shell oil which will be used to top up your engine during the Inspection & Top Ups process if required.

6. Any unused oil from the 1 litre will be available for you to take away.

7. If Shell oil is not available for any reason, we will replace it with an appropriate equivalent grade of oil of our choice.

Diluted screen wash additive may be used during the top-up process (if required).

9. All fluid top-ups (excluding oil and diluted screen wash) included within the price for the Inspection and Top ups are each limited to 500 ml of fluid.

10. Any fluid top-ups, other than oil, and excluding the diluted screen wash which are provided as part of the Inspection and Top Ups offer over the 500 ml threshold, eg clutch fluid, power steering oil and brake fluid will be charged for in accordance with ATS’s Retail Price List.

11. Any oil top up required in excess of the 1 litre of Shell oil will also be chargeable.

12. Note - Vehicle Inspection & Top-Ups does not replace the requirement for a scheduled vehicle service.

13. ATS is not responsible for anything that it does not find by the Inspection & Top ups unless it should have been found by that Check. Where ATS recommends to you that certain works are carried out on your vehicle and you decide not to have the recommended work carried out, you accept that ATS Euromaster will not be responsible or liable for any resultant damage caused.

14. £10 off cannot be used in conjuction with MOT or Vehicle Maintenance Servicing.

This offer is available at participating Service Centres only – see Centres for details.
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