Features and benefits

    The Dueler H/T D689 is a tyre designed for motorway use, with superior grip and handling on both wet and dry surfaces.

    An extra deep tread helps to extend tyre life and add traction, while the rounded casing profile delivers an extremely smooth ride with low tyre noise.

    The Bridgestone D689 is the company's most popular 4x4 tyre (and H/T 682 available only in S-speed rating), enjoying a wide range of original equipment approvals.

    - Refined and well-balanced motorway-oriented performance
    - Small block and all-season tread pattern gives outstanding grip in all weather
    - Quiet comfortable ride

BRIDGESTONEHTD689205/80 R16 110R   Product details »
EC72   dB
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BRIDGESTONEHTD689215/65 R16 98H   Product details »
EE69   dB
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BRIDGESTONEHTD689245/70 R16 107S   Product details »
EE71   dB
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