LANDSAIL LS288 tyres


    Features and benefits

    The Landsail LS288 is a passenger touring tyre engineered for a quiet ride and offers superior traction.

    The LS288 maximizes the pleasure of the road by emphasizing a quiet ride and sure-footed stability, even when the road is wet.

    Features and Benefits:

    •    Wet grip groove design. Four wide longitudinal grooves channel road water, while lateral grooves work to direct it out from under the tyre.
    •    Silent lateral grooves. By connecting the tyre void areas, these little beauties effectively reduce the “pumping” noise tyres can make at highway speeds.
    •    Quiet-ride pitch alignment. Optimized tread pitch width and alignment quiet resonance and the road noise it creates.
    •    Straight-line driving stability. Three continuous circumferential ribs provide excellent highway stability. The small lateral grooves in the center rib improve high-speed performance.
    •    Heat releasing grooves. The design provides a clear channel for heat to dissipate outwards from the center of the tyre. Less heat means longer wear. The straight-line bar just inside the shoulder also resists irregular tread wear.

LANDSAILLS288215/75 R15 100H   Product details »
EC70   dB
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LANDSAILLS288185/55 R15 82V   Product details »
CC70   dB
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